Nirina’s Everyday Centerfold Shoot

Nirina did an Everyday Centerfold shoot for her fiance to give him as a gift on their wedding day. Here are just a couple samples from the shoot. The rest were a little to hot to show here 🙂 Don’t settle for cheesy boudoir photos. Take a look at to see what we can do for you. We take pride in creating high quality magazine ready style images. We look forward to serving you.

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Saurabh & Shuchi Proposal – Newport Beach

Saurabh contacted me about my hidden proposal photography as he was traveling to California with his girlfriend Shuchi from New Jersey and wanted to pop the question on the Gondola Adventures in Newport Beach. Little did she know her brother and best friend flew out from New Jersey to be part of the proposal.  There was a message inside a bottle floating in the water waiting for her to direct her to look up at the bridge and there they were with a giant will you marry me sign. Such a great time capturing this proposal.

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John & Tara Proposal – Malibu

Back in 2010 Tara was living in a rental house in Goleta, CA with a few of her best friends. One morning, She woke up (hung-over of course, she was 21) to this terrible banging on her roof. Super pissed, she marched outside to yell at whomever was hammering away that early in the morning (and without her knowledge). She went outside, looked up, and the cutest boy she ever saw – tan, shirtless, dimples – was in his jeans and tool belt, mending her roof while belting out Zach Brown Band. John gave her the biggest smile when she walked out and she was super flustered and walked back in. It turns out John’s brother’s company was hired to replace her roof by her landlord, a fact the landlord didn’t bother to alert them to. Not that she minded 🙂

After seeing John on her roof, Tara remembers telling her roommate, “Meredith, I think that’s my husband on the roof.” “Really?” she responded. To which Tara said ever so ladylike, “I don’t know, I think I’m going to marry him, but at the very least I’m going to date him.” John finished the job, and Tara continued to date other people. She couldn’t get him out of her head. Whenever she saw him working in his brother’s driveway (who was also her neighbor), it felt like a thousand butterflies had taken flight in her stomach.

It was now 2011, and Tara decided she had to have him. She was so in love with him and yet knew absolutely nothing about him. So, she over-exaggerated her allergy to cats and convinced her landlord that he had to replace the carpets in her house because the previous tenant’s cat had left conditions unlivable. He was game, and agreed that she could choose the company to come replace them (she may have exaggerated concerns about personal safety as well). Tara called John’s brother and asked him to come by for a quote. When John’s brother came over to see the work that had to be done, she made sure to ask if John was single. He was. They got the job.

From there, it all fell into place. They would talk about music while John worked, they learned that they went to the same high school and that Tara had her first kiss in John’s best friend’s backyard (small world). Tara put her number in John’s phone and asked him out on their first date. They’ve been together ever since. Tara has wanted John to learn one of her favorite songs “I’ll Be” be Edwin McCain on his guitar for a long time now. So John learned the song and played it for her as a surprise right before her proposed to her on the beach in Malibu.

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Till Death Do Us Part

Today is my cousin Jesse and his beautiful wife Cheryl’s 1 year anniversary. This wedding was the hardest one for me as it took place at Scripps Green Hospital as my amazing uncle Mark lay on his death bed with only a couple days left. I can not even explain how many different emotions went through my body that day as I documented not only the beginning of my cousin’s family but the last few days of my uncle on earth. I know he was going to heaven but it was still super hard to see him go. Mark was one of the most supportive people I know and came to many of my exhibits even though he lived a good distance away plus on top of that he was a bad ass Harley riding splitting lanes at 100 mph type guy. Jesse and Cheryl I am honored to call you guys my family and I am excited to watch you two grow as a family. I would like to thank the staff at Scripps Green Hospital for going above and beyond to accommodate us and surprise us with flowers, cake and sparkling cider. You guys are true professionals.

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